Mr. Hüseyin YÜRÜK

Kamu Denetcisi Hüeyin Yürük

Born in Ünye in the year 1966. Completed his high school education level in Ünye İmam Hatip High School.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law at İstanbul University in the year 1990. Worked as a lawyer in the Legal Department of ISKI. Then he became General Director of Bilge Consulting.

After being elected as the member of İstanbul Provincial General Assembly in the Local Election of the year 2009, he worked as the Head of the Law Committee. Following his membership in Usküdar Municipality Assembly in the local elections of the year 2014, he became the president of Usküdar Municipality Assembly.

Assigned to the position of Ministerial Advisor through a Decree signed by High Excellency Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Prime Minister of Turkey, and Mr. İdris Güllüce, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization on 22.10.2014. Worked as the Acting Head of Natural Heritage no.2 of İstanbul province under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. While working as a Ministerial Advisor in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, he was elected as the Ombudsman by the Joint Committee of Petitions and Human Rights under TGNA. Married with 3 children.

Social and Cultural Activities

He became an executive board member of Lawyers’ Association, member of Board of Ethics under the Faculty of Medicine in Medeniyet University; a member off Higher Consultation Board of Architects and Engineers Group, member of Language and Literature Association, and worked as the Head of Usküdar Municipality City Council Culture and Art Committee.

He was one of the founder members of Association of Environment Foundations which is at the status of Beneficial Foundation for the Public. He also founded Kutup Yıldızı Health Volunteers Foundation and has been working as the Secretary General of this Foundation for 12 years.

His articles on recent history were published in various magazines and newspapers. His works were deemed worthy by Turkish Literature Foundation and Esra Film. His first art of work named as “Öteki Anadolu” was published in the year 1999.

His book namely “Darbe, Esaret ve Ölüm” narrating the Coup D’état on May 27, was published in the year 2004 and his work namely “Türkiye’nin Demokrasi Tarihi” comprised of two volumes was published in the year 2010. Completed his Master Degree at the Faculty of History under İstanbul University.

He is also among the writers of two magazines namely Şehir ve Kültür, Dil Edebiyat Dergisi.