Visit from other Ombudsman Institutions to Chief Ombudsman Şeref Malkoç

Ms. Lieke Van de Wiel, UNICEF Deputy Turkey Representative, Ms. Marget Maria Siguroardottir, Ombudsman for the Children Rights in Iceland, Ms. Gordana Stefanovic, Deputy Ombudsman of Serbian Ombudsman Institution responsible for children rights, Ms. Natasa Jovic, Deputy Secretary General, and Ms. Tamta Babunashvili, Chief Expert from the Children Rights Center of Georgia, visited Chief Ombudsman Şeref Malkoç, in his Office.

Chief Ombudsman Şeref Malkoç, stated that they give importance to the children rights, informed the delegation about the activities of the Ombudsman Institution.

Chief Ombudsman Şeref Malkoç, informed the delegation that there will be a series of panels to be organized with the participation of the Ombudsman Institutions from different foreign countries, also stated that children rights in Turkey is aimed to be promoted with the help of these activities.