From United States to European Union, France to Belgium, Germany to Turkey, terrorism is a scourge that threatens all of the world and a crime against humanity. All humanity should unite against terrorism.

In Turkey, there have been 58 people martyred and 222 people have been wounded due to the bombing attacks in one-week time; on 10th of December against policemen, after a football match in Beşiktaş – İstanbul and on 17th of December against unarmed soldiers who were on weekend leave, in Kayseri.  Besides, in Germany, there have been 12 people killed and 48 people have been wounded due to a terrorist attack in which a truck ploughed into a crowd. On 19th of December terror raised its ugly face once again. Andrey Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Ankara, assassinated with a malicious attack.

We vigorously condemn the terrorist attacks which were organized to overshadow the unity and solidarity, peace, safety and stability of Turkish Nation.

Turkey, while battling against the most sanguinary and disgustful terrorist organizations of the world, such as DAESH, FETO and PKK, also provides shelter for 3.5 million who are over 50% of the refugees that registered to UN. Turkey proudly supplies for the needs of these people such as meal, health care and education. From this aspect, Turkey struggles to protect the human dignity and honor of the mankind.

The ones who believes the importance of the human life and who are on the side of the democracy, and especially defenders of the human rights should support the countries and the people who are battling against terrorism.

As the Turkish Ombudsman Institution we are making efforts for exercising the rights and freedoms to the fullest, promoting the right to legal remedies and realization of good governance. The security forces, naturally battle against the terrorism for the peace and tranquility of the world. We, as the Ombudsmen, believe that we should act more effectively on the battle against terrorism.

In order to unite against terrorism, we are fully ready for cooperation and expecting your suggestions and proposals in this regard.

Yours sincerely.